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Class 9 News
Mrs Fell 16 Jun 17

Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Life Centre in Newcastle.

Mrs Fell 16 Jun 17

Year 3 & 4 enjoyed listening to Jeremy Strong.

Mrs Fell 14 Mar 17

Year 3 have enjoyed African drumming with Zozo.

Mrs Fell 28 Feb 17

Year 3 have enjoyed baking with Fairtrade products. We can't wait to eat them.

Mrs Fell 2 Feb 17

We have been writing ice poems in Year 3 today.

Mrs Purdham 1 Feb 17

Class 9 have worked so hard on their weather homework, the work they have produced is fantastic. Well done everyone!

Mrs Fell 3 Jan 17

Hope you've had a great Christmas holiday and are excited to be back in school

Mrs Fell 11 Oct 16

Year 3 have enjoyed a great day at the Roman Army Museum.

Mrs Fell 26 Sep 16

In class 9 we have been learning about coding. We loved using scratch Jnr on the ipads.

Mrs Fell 31 Aug 16

Welcome back to school Year 3.

This Term's Topics

  • Rocks and Fossils
  • Stone Age
  • Iron Age
  • Dinosaurs
  • As we move into our final term in Y3, can I remind parents that your child needs their P.E. Kit in school especially on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Our topic this term is Rock and Roll. This includes: dinosaurs, fossils and rocks, as well as Stone Age to Iron Age. Our class reading books include ‘Stig of the Dump’ and ‘Stone Girl, Bone Girl’. We have a trainee teacher for the full term called Mr Hawkins, the children have made him feel very welcome. He is a music specialist, so I am hoping to tap into his strengths for our Parents’ Showcase at the end of term.

    Sophia Craig

    Class 9 Home Learning

    Spellings and timetables will continue. We are concentrating on 3,4 and 8 both multiplication and division facts. The children have been taught lots of different strategies in class. Use coins to share or set out in groups or halving to divide by 2,4 and 8.
    Please keep reading with your child and completing the topic based homework. Parental involvement has a huge positive influence on your child’s future!