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Class 13 News
Miss Barrett 10 Feb 19

Investigating air resistance this week required good teamwork in Class 13. The children had to make sure their parachutes were identical with only one variable changed, in order to conduct a fair test.

Miss Barrett 4 Feb 19

Class 13 were very busy this afternoon finishing their teddy templates and pinning them to their chosen fabric. Where else would you find a pangolin, a mer-wolf and a couple of bears in the same room?!

Miss Barrett 27 Jan 19

Wow! We are amazed by the creative bookmark designs in Class 13. The children enjoyed teaching each other different types of stitches and sharing their skills when they mastered a new one. Well done, year 5!

Miss Barrett 18 Jan 19

The children in class 13 have done some exceptional embroidery this week. They would have made brilliant textile workers in the Victorian era! We can't wait to see their finished bookmarks.

Miss Barrett 6 Dec 18

Year 5 were very proud to see their illustrations of 'The Adventurous Salmon' (a rhyming book telling the story of the salmon's unusual life cycle) published by Eden Rivers Trust. What amazing artists!

Miss Barrett 26 Nov 18

We had a visit from GIST on Thursday 22nd November, who helped us learn about road safety. Did you know it takes 25 metres for a lorry to come to a complete stop if it is travelling at 30 mph?

Miss Barrett 26 Nov 18

Class 13 enjoyed using multi-link to investigate square and cube numbers in Maths. The children worked out that it takes 64 cubes of multi-link to build a cube that is 4 by 4 by 4.

Mrs Cannon 9 Nov 18

We are very impressed with the improvement in times table fluency in Year 5. The children (and staff) are very enthusiastic about Times Table Rockstars. Here are the very close results from this week's 'battle of the bands.' Well done Class 12!

Miss Barrett 7 Nov 18

Class 13 have been enjoying learning to play a brass instrument every Thursday morning. So far, the children have mastered how to make their baritones, trumpets and trombones make long and short notes in time to music.

Mrs Cannon 6 Nov 18

The scores are very close on Times Table Rockstars between Class 12 and Class 13 this week! Keep up the great multiplication work year 5!

This Term's Topics

  • Victorians
  • Science - forces
  • DT - making teddies
  • Music - brass instruments
  • This term we are learning all about The Victorians. We will explore what life was like for Victorian children by re-enacting a Victorian school day, reading a range of Victorian themed texts in English, developing our embroidery and sewing skills as well as having a visit to Beamish. The children will explore how the Victorian era played a crucial role in the development of technology as we know it today by researching some key inventors.

    Our class read is Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

    Children will continue to need to bring their PE kits on Fridays and swimming kits on Wednesdays.

    Class 13 Home Learning

    Spellings ~
    Children will be given a new list of spellings in their homework book every Friday, along with some word meanings to find out linked to our topic. Homework books should be returned to school by Thursday, ready for learning to be checked on Friday.

    Children are also expected to read regularly at home. Please continue to support your child's progress in reading by hearing them read as much as possible and asking questions about what they have read. Reading to your child also continues to be important in year 5 as it can play a huge role in developing understanding and building on vocabulary by enabling children to access more sophisticated texts.


    The children continue to have access to Timestable Rockstars and it's great to see their enthusiasm for this has carried on into the Spring term. We are aiming for instant recall of all times tables up to 12, as well as knowledge of division facts.

    'Hit the Button' is another useful online game to help children learn their times tables. Please see the link below.

    You can find extra homework activity ideas in the grid in their homework book.

    Class 13 Weblinks

    Times table practice
    Spelling, grammar and punctuation