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Class 13 News
Miss Barrett 9 Jan 20

This afternoon, Class 13 enjoyed using split pins and elastic bands (representing Earth's gravitational pull) to show that wherever we are on Earth, we won't fall off!

Mrs OFarrell 9 Jan 20

In RE, Year 5 have been exploring the concept of unity. We worked as part of a team to build the strongest bridge we could, which inspired us to create our own definitions of what unity means to us.

Miss Barrett 12 Dec 19

Amazing Christmas cards, year 5! We love your individual watercolour designs.

Miss Barrett 4 Dec 19

Class 13 had a fun-filled morning of learning and exercise at Brunton Park. They played some very fast paced invasion games, had a tour of the stadium and a PSHE lesson about inclusion. Thank you to the Carlisle United coaches!

Miss Barrett 3 Dec 19

Class 13 enjoyed investigating which type of sugar dissolves fastest. They worked scientifically by controlling variables and using good observation skills to draw a conclusion. Great teamwork everyone!

Miss Barrett 3 Dec 19

We enjoyed looking at a german war helmet last week whilst learning about the 'Christmas Truce'. Thank you to the child who brought this in to show!

Miss Barrett 3 Dec 19

Thank you to our Mini Police for making us aware of 'county lines' and what we can do if we encounter a dangerous situation.

Miss Barrett 18 Nov 19

Fantastic DT skills to showcase your knowledge of the water cycle, Class 13! Well done!

Miss Barrett 17 Nov 19

Year 5 enjoyed dancing on Children in Need day in PE

Miss Barrett 15 Oct 19

As part of the European Day of Memory and Welcome, yesterday we took part in a migration workshop. Children in years 4 and 5 were thinking about how we make people feel welcome in our school and in the United Kingdom.

This Term's Topics

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Science - Earth & Space
  • PE - outdoor exercise & home workouts
  • Maths - revision of key skills
  • Summer Term:
    Our new topic is Ancient Egypt. As part of our home learning, we will be exploring a range of aspects of life in Ancient Egypt, including: The River Nile, Egyptian Pharaohs and Gods, the pyramids, Egyptian burials, hieroglyphics and mummies. We always aim to follow the children’s lines of enquiries when starting a new topic. If there is anything specific your child would like to learn about Ancient Egypt, please do get in touch via our class email,

    During our home learning, we will be revising key maths skills and prior learning, starting with methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as related number facts and use of the inverse.

    Our Science topic is Earth and Space. Keep an eye on your weekly home learning grids and on the weblinks section of this page for Science learning ideas.

    Physical Education
    Try to make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes exercise a day to keep you fit and healthy. This can include going for a walk or bike ride around where you live, as well as home workouts such as PE with Joe, dance classes or online yoga classes (see links below).

    Class 13 Home Learning

    Home learning grids can now be found at the bottom of this page. There will be a new one every Monday. We know lots of you are busy learning new skills or picking up old ones, such as gardening, baking or learning to play an instrument. We'd love to hear about these things too!

    You can also keep busy with...

    - Timestable Rockstars

    - Learningbeck games

    - Hit the Button (linked below!)

    - BBC bitesize daily lessons (starting on 20th April)

    - 'Newsround' is a great way for children to learn more about what's going on in the world in a child friendly way. Why not write a balanced argument, persuasive letter or news article about something you've watched?

    - You can also currently access free digital copies of First News. See the link below!

    - Reading

    Please continue to support your child's progress in reading by hearing them read every day and asking questions about what they have read. Reading to your child also continues to be important in year 5 as it can play a huge role in developing understanding and building on vocabulary by enabling children to access more sophisticated texts.

    Class 13 Weblinks

    Times table practice
    Earth and Space
    Spelling, grammar and punctuation
    BBC Bitesize daily lessons
    First News
    The Bodycoach PE with Joe
    Yoga with Adrienne
    Just Dance