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Class 12 News
Mrs Cannon 20 Dec 19

Class 12 made some fantastic festive board games this week. They demonstrated some great teamwork skills!

Mrs Cannon 19 Dec 19

Class 12 have created some beautiful pieces of art work using watercolours. I am so impressed! Well done everyone!

Mrs Cannon 8 Dec 19

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Class 12! I can't wait to hear about all of the wonderful things you have been up to in the Autumn term with Mrs O'Farrell, Mrs Martin and Mrs Stephenson!

Miss Barrett 17 Nov 19

Year 5 enjoyed dancing on Children in Need day in PE

Mrs OFarrell & Mrs Martin 8 Sep 19

Welcome back Class 12!

Mrs Cannon 28 Mar 19

Super sewing skills class 12! The children have loved making these cushions and their end products are amazing! Well done everyone!

Mrs Cannon 28 Mar 19

More amazing cushions...

Mrs Cannon 4 Mar 19

Fabulous Fairtrade artwork by class 12! We re-used fairtrade packaging to create these wonderful pieces of art.

Mrs Cannon 25 Feb 19

What a fantastic start to Fairtrade Fortnight! Class 12 enjoyed using fairtrade bananas to make some delicious smoothies to start their day!

Mrs Cannon 5 Feb 19

Class 12 love Times Table Rockstars. Their rapid recall of their multiplication facts has massively improved and it is great fun!

This Term's Topics

  • Topic - The Victorians
  • Science - Forces
  • Maths - Key skills & Measure
  • PE - Athletics
  • Welcome to our Class 12 page!

    We are so happy to have all of the children back together! They are settling back into school really well.

    This term our topic is The Victorians, we will follow the children's lines of enquiry and learn about many aspects of the topic. See the weblinks below to find out more!


    In Maths, we will be revising key skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be learning about shape, space and measure.

    Doodle Maths

    We will continue to use doodle maths in school, it is a fantastic programme that tailors learning for each child. Children should practise this at home too.


    In English we will be teaching the key skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar through our English lessons. The writing will be linked to our topic.


    We love reading! We complete daily reading lessons with the children and also listen to the individually every week. We have a lovely new set of books the children can borrow and bring home to read.

    Science: Forces

    We will be investigating:

    - Gravity.

    - Friction and the effects of air resistance, water resistance and buoyancy.

    - Mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allowing a smaller force to have a greater effect.

    The children will be taking measurements, using a range of scientific equipment and recording their results.

    Physical Education

    In PE this term we will be focusing on athletics, we will be running, throwing and jumping our way through the rest of the term!

    Class 12 staff

    Mrs O'Farrell - Monday, Thursday and Friday.
    Mrs Cannon - Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Mrs Stephenson - Senior Teaching Assistant (STA)
    Mrs Greenall (1:1)

    Class 12 Home Learning


    Homework grids can now be found at the bottom of the pupil page. Choose some activities from it that you would like to do, in addition to the reading/spelling/times table practise.

    CGP books

    The children can continue to use the CGP books we sent home to reinforce key learning skills.

    Other activities for learning at home are:

    - Times Table Rockstars.

    - Doodle Maths (we also use this app in school)

    - Doodle English

    - Doodle Times Tables

    - Doodle Spell

    - Learning Beck games.

    Please continue to support your child's progress in reading by hearing them read every day and asking them questions about what they have read.

    We would love to see all the wonderful things you are doing at home. You can send photos, powerpoints, pictures, etc to our class email address.

    If you need any further information, resources or support then please speak to your class teacher.

    Class 12 Downloads

    Victorians Homework grid

    Class 12 Weblinks

    Times Table Rockstars
    The Maths Factor
    CBBC Newsround
    Maths Chase
    The Victorians Homework help
    Magic squares maths
    Time Table Rockstars
    Queen Victoria facts