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Class 12 News
Mrs Cannon 22 Jun 18

Amazing homework this term Year 5! Well done!

Mrs Cannon 3 May 18

We are investigating the Solar System in Year 5. We learned a mnemonic to help us remember the planets; 'My very excellent mother just served us noodles.' The children had fun thinking of their own!

Mrs Cannon 28 Apr 18

Year 5 are aiming high this term! We had our first archery lesson this week and all of the children did brilliantly.

Mrs Cannon 12 Mar 18

In science today, Year 5 investigated the effect of air resistance and wind on their sailing boats.

Mrs Cannon 10 Mar 18

A lovely sunny day exploring the Beamish open air museum.

Mrs Cannon 10 Mar 18

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Beamish this week. They ventured underground to experience working in a driftmine.

Mrs Cannon 22 Feb 18

Amazing artwork in the style of Victorian artist, William Morris.

Mrs Cannon 23 Jan 18

Typical lessons in a Victorian school included the three Rs - Reading, WRiting and ARithmetic. The children enjoyed using chalkboards to write out times tables.

Mrs Cannon 23 Jan 18

A Victorian drill lesson in the yard. A little bit different to our usual PE lessons!

Mrs Cannon 23 Jan 18

'Children should be seen and not heard!' Year 5 travelled back to 1985 today to experience a Victorian School day.

This Term's Topics

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Science - Earth and Space
  • PE - Athletics, tennis and cricket.
  • Welcome to our class 12 page!

    This term we will be learning about Ancient Egypt, we will follow the children's lines of enquiry and learn about many exciting aspects of the topic. See the web links below to find out more!

    Our Science topic this term is Earth and Space.

    We will be finding out about:

    * The Solar System
    * The movement of the Moon relative to
    the Earth
    * Day and night


    Monday - Archery

    Friday - Cricket, tennis and athletics. Please ensure your child has a PE kit and shoes appropriate to the weather.

    Class 12 Home Learning

    This term we are continuing to use the homework grids.

    Homework has been split into two sections. The first section contains activities to be completed each week (reading, spelling and number facts). The second section offers a wide range of activities for your child to choose from. Please see the grid below for more information.

    If you need any further information, resources or support with homework, please speak to your class teacher.

    Class 12 Weblinks

    Maths magician
    National Geographic
    Ancient Egypt facts
    Ancient Egypt homework help
    BBC History
    Ancient Egypt (including games)
    Ancient Egyptian jigsaw