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Class 12 News
Mrs Cannon 9 Nov 18

We are very impressed with the improvement in times table fluency in Year 5. The children (and staff) are very enthusiastic about Times Table Rockstars. Here are the very close results from this week's 'battle of the bands.' Well done Class 12!

Mrs Cannon 6 Nov 18

The scores are very close on Times Table Rockstars between Class 12 and Class 13 this week! Keep up the great multiplication work year 5!

Mrs Cannon 29 Oct 18

Class 12 enjoyed learning how to play wheelchair basketball this afternoon. They said it was 'fun and awesome!'

Mrs Cannon 17 Oct 18

Year 5 had a great morning working with a graphic designer and Eden River's Trust. They are illustrating a book called 'The Adventurous Salmon.' We can't wait to see it when it is printed!

Mrs Cannon 17 Oct 18

Here is one of the children's designs for the 'Adventurous Salmon.'

Mrs Cannon 24 Sep 18

Impressive Judo throws class 12!

Mrs Cannon 24 Sep 18

Year 5 loved the Judo taster session today!

Mrs Cannon 24 Sep 18

Year 5 enjoyed learning Judo today!

Mrs Cannon 22 Jun 18

Amazing homework this term Year 5! Well done!

Mrs Cannon 3 May 18

We are investigating the Solar System in Year 5. We learned a mnemonic to help us remember the planets; 'My very excellent mother just served us noodles.' The children had fun thinking of their own!

This Term's Topics

  • Investigating Rivers
  • Living things and their habitats
  • PE - Fitness, dance, invasion games.
  • Music - Brass instruments.
  • Welcome to our Class 12 page!

    This term we will be investigating Rivers, we will follow the children's lines of enquiry and learn about many aspects of the topic. See the weblinks below to find out more!

    Our Science topic is linked to rivers. We will be finding out about the water cycle, investigating how to purify water using filtration techniques. We will be analysing the habitats that river animals live in and how they have adapted to suit their environments. The children will be carrying out experiments and learn about conducting their own fair tests.

    In PE, we will be developing our fitness this term. We will learn a river dance and consolidate our invasion game skills.

    Class 12 Home Learning

    This term we are continuing to use the homework grids.

    Homework has been split into two sections. The first section contains activities to be completed each week (reading, spelling and number facts). The second section offers a wide range of activities for your child to choose from. Please see the grid below for more information.

    If you need any further information, resources or support with homework, please speak to your class teacher.

    Class 12 Downloads

    River Homework 2018

    Class 12 Weblinks

    Maths magician
    Facts about rivers
    BBC Rivers and coasts