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East Dale Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle CA2 5LA - 01228 535091 -
Headteacher - Mr Graham Frost BEd (Hons) NPQH
What is the Pupil Premium?

You can find out about this on the government website.

Download our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-2018

Download our Pupil Premium Review 2016-2017

How do we use the Pupil Premium at Robert Ferguson School?

One of the ways in which the Pupil Premium is currently being used is to provide additional in-class support and structured learning programmes, delivered by our highly-skilled Senior Teaching Assistants. The funding has enabled us to provide additional, timely assistance to pupils who need it most.

Also, the funding has enabled school to purchase additional reading and ICT resources for specific pupils.
The Pupil Premium funding is being used to reduce the cost of residential trips or club activities, as appropriate, to enable all pupils to benefit from these valuable enrichment opportunities.

Our Pastoral Support Mentor is funded by Pupil Premium. Mrs Christine Morris works to support families on a broad range of issues and has been greatly appreciated by those children and families who have benefited from her expert assistance.

At Robert Ferguson Primary School, our pupils' well-being (in every sense of the word) is a very high priority. This influences all our spending decisions, including how we use Pupil Premium.
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How do we know that the Pupil Premium is being utilised effectively?

We are giving great consideration to ensuring that the additional provision is carefully targeted to meet individual children's needs. We closely monitor the effectiveness of Pupil Premium funded initiatives to check that these are contributing to pupils making accelerated progress.