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Class 2 News
Mrs Thompson 4 Oct 15

Can you help? We have been so busy in Reception we have run out of small boxes, egg boxes, large yogurt pots and kitchen roll tubes. If you have any for recycling could you send them in for us to use in our fantastic creations - Thank you.

Mrs Thompson 9 Sep 15

Everyone in Reception is looking forward to greeting all of our new starters tomorrow. Welcome to 'Big School'.

This Term's Topics

  • All About Me
  • Autumn
  • Celebrations
  • A big welcome to all our Reception children. During this year we will become independent learners allowing us to access learning through a range of areas such as the role play, construction and baking. Children will have access to the outdoors and many opportunities to develop life-long skills through play, carpet and snack time. During each topic, areas will be enhanced to reflect our learning.

    Each day will start with phonics which will support our reading and writing skills. Children will also take part in daily numeracy and literacy activities. Over the week children will also take part in PE, Philosophy for Children as well as weekly visits to the library to develop our life long learning skills.
    Our PE lessons will be every Monday morning.

    This week our main focus will be number bonds to 10. We will be finding as many different ways as possible to make 10 and starting to record these in a number sentence. All children will be writing their weekend news using sentences. We will be attempting to write words using our phonic knowledge. During STEM we will be investigating ice trolls and finding out different ways of keeping them cold.

    Class 2 Home Learning

    All of us are very good at counting and sorting numbers to at least 20. We will be working on knowing one more and one less than a given number. Whilst you are looking at numbers in the environment it would be very useful if you could talk about the previous number and the next one, this will help give it a real context.

    We will change reading books Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When the reading diary has been signed twice.

    Please remember homework grids will be collecting in during last week of the half term.
    Our phonics sounds this week are oo ar or
    If you have any questions please speak to a member of the early years team.

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