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Class 6 News
Miss Henry 3 Dec 18

Year 2 have enjoyed a visit from the fire service today. They have learnt about fire safety.

Mrs Cawthorne 16 Jun 17

Class 6 really enjoyed their den day! Brilliant team work!

Mrs Pearson 24 Mar 17

Showcasing Sun Moon and Stars topic facts, songs and homework.

Mrs Pearson 3 Mar 17

Using Fairtrade products and ingredients we baked a themed cake to coincide with World Book Day!

Mrs Davidson 2 Mar 17

Class 6 have made a fantastic effort for World Book Day 2017!

Mrs Pearson 10 Feb 17

Embracing the sun, moon and stars topic by making an astronaut helmet to wear when travelling to the planet Venus.

Mrs Pearson 5 Jan 17

Hope you've enjoyed the Christmas holidays and are happy to be back at school.

Mrs Pearson 7 Nov 16

Travelling back to 1666 to act out a role in the Pudding Lane Bakery.

Mrs Pearson 5 Oct 16

Global Goals homemade lemonade challenge.

Mrs Pearson 28 Sep 16

Year 2 making lemonade for the enterprise challenge as part of our Global Goals week.

This Term's Topics

  • Mini Beasts and habitats
  • Summer Term

    Mini Beasts and Habitats

    This term our topic is Mini Beasts and Habitats. The children will recognise that different plants and animals live in their local environment and will be able to name an increasing number of them. We will also look at describing some characteristics of and differences in habitats. The children will be encouraged to follow their own line of enquiry and present their findings in a format of their choice. For example: Power Point, poster, fact file or model.


    This half term we will be continuing to work through our Maths No Problem book 2. Volume is our next chapter. It involves children comparing volume, measuring in litres and millilitres and solving word problems associated with volume. Once the children have completed this chapter please go over both books and check and see if all chapters have been complete. I will also put some useful maths links on the webpage if you complete everything.


    In art this half term we will be exploring pattern and experimenting with folding, arranging and overlapping . We will be researching artist like Joan Miro, Bridget Riley, Escher, and Paul Klee to see how they have used pattern. We will look at scale, colour, texture and repetition. Keep checking our class webpage for useful links to support this work.

    Class 6 Home Learning

    Home Learning Grids

    Every week, I will be uploading a home learning grid which will include a variety of learning activities for you to choose from for that week.

    I would love to see the work you have been doing at home! You can send it to our Year 2 email address:

    If you need any further information, resources or support with your home learning please send me a message and I will do my best to help you.

    You can continue to practise your spellings on the Spelling Ski game on Learning Beck. Additionally, the Year 2 spelling list is also available on this page for you to practise these words.
    Spelling Bank is also a good alternative resource to support you with spelling.

    It is important to keep reading and practise the skills you already have. There are so many different things to read and all reading counts. Try to make sure that you are reading every day. Don't forget to look up any unfamiliar words in a dictionary or ask an adult to explain the meaning.

    Times Tables
    Please continue to engage with Times Table Rock Stars. Look out for battles with other classes and year groups.

    Class 6 Weblinks

    Common exception words game
    Times tables rock stars