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Class 6 News
Miss Henry 3 Dec 18

Year 2 have enjoyed a visit from the fire service today. They have learnt about fire safety.

Mrs Cawthorne 16 Jun 17

Class 6 really enjoyed their den day! Brilliant team work!

Mrs Pearson 24 Mar 17

Showcasing Sun Moon and Stars topic facts, songs and homework.

Mrs Pearson 3 Mar 17

Using Fairtrade products and ingredients we baked a themed cake to coincide with World Book Day!

Mrs Davidson 2 Mar 17

Class 6 have made a fantastic effort for World Book Day 2017!

Mrs Pearson 10 Feb 17

Embracing the sun, moon and stars topic by making an astronaut helmet to wear when travelling to the planet Venus.

Mrs Pearson 5 Jan 17

Hope you've enjoyed the Christmas holidays and are happy to be back at school.

Mrs Pearson 7 Nov 16

Travelling back to 1666 to act out a role in the Pudding Lane Bakery.

Mrs Pearson 5 Oct 16

Global Goals homemade lemonade challenge.

Mrs Pearson 28 Sep 16

Year 2 making lemonade for the enterprise challenge as part of our Global Goals week.

This Term's Topics

  • Farm to fork
  • Fire
  • Welcome to Year 2

    Our first topic this Autumn term is Farm to fork. In this topic we will look at the journey of many foods. The children will also discuss and investigate food chains and categorising foods. We will look at the stories of One Hen and when the world came to my house.
    Our second topic will be Fire. In this topic we will look at the Great fire of London, Guy Fawkes and the owl that was afraid of the dark. The children will research, investigate and discuss key events in these stories. During this topic we will look at drama, art, science, history and PSHE.

    Class 6 Home Learning

    Please practise spelling, times tables and reading each week and have fun selecting activities from the homework grid to be brought into school. One activity is due in every 2 weeks.

    This year we will send spellings to be learnt each week. Class 6 will receive these on a Friday to be tested the following week.

    Weblinks for homework can be found on the Robert Ferguson Primary School class news page

    Reading should be encouraged as a daily activity whenever possible.

    Class 6 Weblinks

    Maths Magician Games
    Telling the Time
    Finding fractions of numbers
    Doubling and Halving
    What are nouns?
    Working with coins
    From Field to Fork
    Multiplication and division.
    Discover Carlisle