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Nursery News
Mrs Thompson 28 Jun 19

When you have had enough of paddling, then a barbecue is essential.

Mrs Thompson 28 Jun 19

Its a lovely day to be in nursery - fun in the sun

Mrs Thompson 8 May 19

Today we have been washing the glittery germs from our hands, don't forget the soap!

Mrs Thompson 7 May 19

Smile for life in Nursery

Mrs Thompson 20 Mar 19

Forensic fun in morning nursery

Mrs Thompson 26 Jun 18

Even more fun in the sun.

Mrs Thompson 26 Jun 18

Fun in the sun

Mrs Thompson 6 Jun 18

A quiet place to read.

Mrs Thompson 6 Jun 18

Exploring the new mud kitchen in Nursery.

Mrs Thompson 18 Apr 18

The afternoon children in the back of the police van.

This Term's Topics

  • Our Favourite Nursery rhymes
  • Lets Celebrate
  • Nursery Home Learning

    Next week is our health and fitness week. We will be spending time doing a range of activities throughout nursery and reception. On Tuesday we will be taking part in a smile for life workshop where the children will be learning about the importance of cleaning our teeth. On Wednesday we would like the children to bring in a bike or scooter for wheelie Wednesday. The children will be doing some dance with Mrs Craig and gymnastics with Mrs Holliday. Mrs Dalrymple will be doing a yoga session with them. We will be making a healthy snack and exploring why we need to wash our hands. Everyone will be having a walk to the park.

    It would be helpful if your child wears suitable PE type clothes and have a coat in school each day.

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