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Nursery News
Mrs Thompson 26 Jun 18

Even more fun in the sun.

Mrs Thompson 26 Jun 18

Fun in the sun

Mrs Thompson 6 Jun 18

A quiet place to read.

Mrs Thompson 6 Jun 18

Exploring the new mud kitchen in Nursery.

Mrs Thompson 18 Apr 18

The afternoon children in the back of the police van.

Mrs Thompson 18 Apr 18

A visit from the police.

Mrs Thompson 29 Mar 18

The Nursery children have been out looking for signs of Spring

Mrs Thompson 7 Mar 18

Drop everything and read in Morning Nursery.

Mrs Thompson 7 Mar 18

Going to the Co-op for baking ingredients for the bake off.

Mrs K Craig 8 Jun 17

Nursery having a fantastic time at Energi.

This Term's Topics

  • Wings Wheels and Waves
  • Summer
  • Nursery Home Learning

    We leave our favourite rhymes aside for a week and will be having a look at Autumn. We would be grateful if you could collect some Autumnal objects over the weekend and bring them in to Nursery on Monday to form part of a display. We intend to take the children for an Autumn walk along the river path to look for signs of Autumn. In the classroom we will be painting with conker, making placed collages and talking about things that start with the sound t. In circle time we will be exploring more of our feelings.
    We will be doing library books and baking on Thursday this week.

    On FRIDAY we would like to invite you to stay in Nursery for a while at the start of the Nursery session for the first of our stay and play sessions. We will have a couple of creative activities for you to do with your child as well as some of their favourite activities to share.

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