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East Dale Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle CA2 5LA - 01228 535091 -
Headteacher - Mr Graham Frost BEd (Hons) NPQH
Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding

Here at Robert Ferguson Primary school we aim to provide a broad and challenging PE curriculum for all children from nursery to year 6. As part of our additional Government funding we aim to improve the provision of Physical Education and sport in our school. We are providing a variety of opportunities both in and out of school, with many of our lessons over the last two years being delivered by specialist PE teachers and qualified sports coaches. This has provided excellent opportunities for staff development whilst enhancing
our P.E. Lessons and providing links with local sports clubs.

This year we have evaluated the impact of the use of the Sports Premium for specialist coaches in school and are confident that all of our staff are now competent in delivering high quality P.E. lessons throughout the school.
To further enhance our high quality provision, we have bought into The Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work for Physical Education.
This will work alongside previous training in Fundamental Skills and Raising the Bar to extend and progress from the Basic Moves programme, which all of our staff have been previously trained in.

• Years 5 and 6 Playground Leaders will once again receive training in the Skills for Life Support Programme. This has proved to be succesful in previous years, with the school receiving certificates and resources.

• Carlisle United Community Sports Trust Coaches are continuing to run an after school club which focuses on the fundamentals of movement with a focus on invasion games and football. This is now into its third year and is already proving to have a positive effect on PE in lower Key Stage 2, particularly with principles of attacking and defending in invasion games as well as collaboration and teamwork.

School Games Mark
We have just been awarded silver by the School Games Mark. This was achieved following our successful application and a meeting discussing our provision with one of the School Games Inspectors. They were particularly impressed with the range of sports we offer to children throughout the school and the amount of children participating in sports in curriculum time and extra curricular.
P.E. equipment and resources are regularly updated and improved. We have recently purchased a variety of playground resources to help focus children during playtimes; promote healthy activities and aid physical and mental wellbeing.
• Children in Reception, and Years 3, 4 & 5 will attend swimming lessons throughout the year to ensure all of our children leave school being able to swim a minimum of 25 meters and be safe around water. Our year 6 children have an intensive week of swimming in the summer term to allow them to be assessed against the National Curriculum expectations.

• Year 5 attended Hawes End outdoor center in September. This enabled the children to experience new activities and work collaboratively to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Our Year 3 teacher, Mr Pearson, is also a fully qualified sports coach and he helps support the delivery of high quality P.E. throughout the school.

Additional Sporting Activities:

We previously took part in the Active Cumbria initiative which involved children taking part in a 100 mile challenge. This encouraged the children to remain fit and healthy by running, walking or cycling 100 miles over a period of time. This proved to be hugely successful and has inspired children and staff to become more active and competitive.

Due to the sucess of the 100 mile challenge, we have introduced The Daily Mile for children in years 1 - 6. This has proved to aid concentration in lessons and improve physical fitness and stamina as well as aiding in improving children's overall attendance in school.

We strive to provide children with other opportunities which we can not offer in school. This year, following the success of last year, we are providing children in years 3,4,5, and 6 with squash lessons at the local squash club. The impact of this is to increase participation in sport outside of school; improve hand eye co-ordination and physical fitness. We also off archery teaching to years 5 and 6 in the summer term. This not only teaches discipline but also furthers our work on hand-eye coordination and concentration.


We have increased the amount of swimming instruction for Years 3, 4 and 5 (from 10 x 30 mins. to 10 x 45 mins.) with the aim of ensuring every child meets the minimum standard for swimming. As a school we now also have 3 swimming teachers per lesson rather than just two.

Our year 6 cohort of 2018-19 were assessed in June 2019 and 70% of children met the National curriculum expectation. In the previous cohort 76% met standards. We expect this percentage to rise over the coming years once the current Y3 cohort reach Y6 due to our investment in additional swimming time and teachers.
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After School Clubs:

We offer inclusive after school clubs that all of our children are given the opportunity to attend

Carlisle United Community Sports Trust Coaches - Years 1 and 2 – 15:30 – 16:30

Football training with Mr Pearson – Years 5/6 15:15 – 16:15

Gymnastics training with Mrs Holliday - Years 3 + 4 15:15-16:15

Cricket club in the Summer Term– day to be confirmed.


Football tournaments -
13/09/18 Yr 5/6 Girls (winners)
27/09/18 Yr 5/6 Boys
31/10/18 Yr 3,4,5&6 Cross-Country.
15/10/18 Yr 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics.
30/01/19 Key Steps Gymnastics.
Yr 5/6 Swimming Gala TBC
14/03/19 Yr 3/4 Boys 7-a-side football.
02/05/19 Yr 3/4 Girls 7-a-side football.
25/04/19 Yr 5/6 High-Five Netball.
14/02/19 Yr 3/4 Quicksticks Hockey.
23/05/19 Yr 3,4,5,&6 Tri-Golf.
21/05/19 Yr 3/4 Mini-Red Tennis.
19/06/19 Yr 3,4,5&6 Athletics.
Yr 5/6 Rounders TBC

Want to find out how we've got on?
Check out our Going for Gold board as you enter the school by the playground door and steps!

Health and Fitness Week - TBC

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