Robert Ferguson Primary School, East Dale Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle, CA2 5LA 01228 535091
Headteacher Mr Graham Frost BEd (Hons) NPQH MA

Current Projects

Environmental Education

Robert Ferguson pupils have responded to climate science and geography by holding an event in April 2019 entitled "Cumbria Youth Climate Change Summit" which was attended by pupils from 30 schools from across Cumbria. Our pupils went on to produce a series of videos highlighting their concerns and established an eco council to further their response to climate change and biodiversity loss. See our videos.

In class, the children continue to learn about sustainability with a conviction that we all need to do our part, and working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mini Police

Robert Ferguson pupils have been taking part in mini police - an excellent opportunity to work alongside our local police to make a valuable contribution to community life.

Our Mini Police programme was launched in October 2019. We had a wonderful initiation ceremony for our new Mini Police recruits, where they received their official uniforms and badges from the Mayor of Carlisle, Deputy Lieutenant Tess Hart and PCSO Dane Herd. Every term, our Mini Police will receive training on a special topic with PSCO Dane and present their learning to their classmates.

Last term, the children learned about county lines and for doing such a fantastic job reporting back to their classes, they were rewarded with a visit from a police van. The children had a wonderful time exploring a real police van and had lots of questions about what a typical day for a police person might be like.

In the Spring term, we are looking forward to carrying out our first community engagement, by helping out at the library in Denton Holme.

See the mini police newsletter.

School Newspaper

Our school newspaper, The School Scoop, is run by our Year 5 and Year 6 children. Published every term, the School Scoop features not only school news but news on a local level, as well as current events from around the globe. The content of the paper is chosen entirely by the children and includes interviews with teaching staff and pupils alike, puzzles, school sports news, games, recipes, book reviews and celebrations of our children's learning.

Within the last year, our news team were given the opportunity to take part in several writing workshops with local News & Star journalist, Pam McGowan, who showed them the steps involved in writing a news report and preparing it for print. The children were delighted to have an article about their newspaper club printed in the News&Star.

Past editions of The School Scoop can be viewed on our website.

Forest School

Forest School is an ethos, a way of life that is designed to teach, support and develop individuals in a forest or natural environment. It follows a set of 6 principles for good practice which ensure that all participants at Forest School get the same quality experience. They are a series of sessions delivered over time, rather that a one-off visit. It helps to reconnect the learner with their natural environment while keeping links with school education.

At RFPS we are just developing our approach to Forest School and how it will fit in with a busy curriculum. The main benefit for us is that it provides real-life experiences for the children to build upon in other areas of their school life, such as writing. The first sessions that have been delivered were well received and based around the Julia Donaldson story, Stick Man. We will be continuing these sessions after the summer break. We believe that Forest School is going to have a profound impact on the lives of the children who take part. They are already beginning to reconnect with their environment and have a better understanding of the benefits of being outside.

Learner Dispositions

The teaching of learner dispositions is often referred to as "character building" or "learning to learn". We teach our pupils to understand what helps them to be effective learners. You will see evidence of this on the certificates pupils receive when they accumulate sufficient house points for:

- effort
- perseverance
- working together (community spirit or collaborative learning)
- achievements

Empathy Lab

We are one of 11 pioneer primary schools across the UK working with Empathy Lab and lots of authors and publishers involved in pioneering experimental approaches which harness the power of stories to build a central life skill for children - empathy. Through reading fiction, children are able to imagine what it is like to be someone else and see things from many different perspectives. This enables children to develop skills and understanding which will help them in a range of social situations and help them to be as kind and understanding as possible.