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Class 14 News
Mrs Rinder 26 Mar 19

2019 Year 6 Residential to York

Mrs Hewitt 12 Feb 19

Year 6 working together to construct volcanoes using newspaper and glue, as part of their topic.

Mrs Hewitt 6 Feb 19

Year 6 held a talent show and these pupils from Class 14 demonstrated their musical skills.

Mrs Hewitt 11 Sep 18

Secondary School Open Evenings for Year 6. Thurs 13/9/18 6pm-Nelson Thomlinson Tues 18/9/18 5-8pm-Trinity Wed 19/9/18 4-7pm-Richard Rose Morton Thurs 20/9/18 4.30-6.30pm Richard Rose Central Tues 25/9/18 4.30-6.30pmNewman Thurs 27/9/18 6.30pm-Caldew

Mrs Hewitt 7 Nov 17

Today, year 6 visited the Military Museum at Carlisle Castle as part of their WW2 topic. They also learnt about WW1 and the reasons why poppies are a symbol of Rememberance.

Mrs Hewitt 1 Nov 17

Year 6 had a very interactive and informative visit to Devils Porridge in Eastriggs, as part of their WW2 topic.

Mrs Hewitt 29 Sep 17

Year 6 visited the Magistrates Court in Carlisle today as part of their E-learning awareness. They took part in a mock Cyber-Bullying & Harrassment Trial and seemed to thoroughly enjoy acting out their parts. The children learned that their actions have consequences.

Mrs Hewitt 7 Jul 17

Class 14- more volcano cakes!!! Every cake has been a very individual creation.

Mrs Hewitt 7 Jul 17

Class 14- more volcano cakes!!! Every cake has been a very individual creation.

Mrs Hewitt 6 Jul 17

Class 14- year 6 are really going to town on these volcano cakes- another creation today-enjoyed by all the class.

This Term's Topics

  • Mountains & Volcanoes
  • Human Body
  • Class 14 Home Learning

    We have adapted the way in which we organise homework and hope that this will encourage the children to take responsibility for their own learning and to become independent learners. Homework will now be split into two sections. The first section contains activities to be completed each week (times tables, spelling, reading and reading comprehension).These activities must be completed. The second section offers a wide range of activities for your child to choose and complete over the course of the term. He/She will have two weeks to complete each activity. Your child will be provided with a copy of the activity grid and a homework book.

    It is essential that children know their times tables to 12 therefore regular practice is important. There are many online times tables activities which the children are familiar with and enjoy in school. If your child has access to a computer at home they can use these to help learn them off by heart. (Links to popular sights are below)

    Class 14 Downloads

    10 4 10 Reading Revision
    Letter from Downing Street
    10 4 10 Spag Revision
    10 4 10 Maths Arithmetic Revision
    10 4 10 Maths Reasoning Revision
    10 4 10 Maths Arithmetic Challenge
    10 4 10 Maths Reasoning Challenge

    Class 14 Weblinks

    Volcanoes and gases
    Volcanic Scotland
    Electricity - BBC Bitesize
    Structure of the earth
    Times Tables
    Times Tables 2
    Mountain ranges around the world