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Class 5 News
Mrs Fell 4 Jan 18

Welcome back to school and Happy New Year from all the staff at Robert Ferguson.

Mrs Fell 12 Dec 17

On a really cold day Year 1 had hot chocolate for snack to warm ourselves up.

Mrs S Craig 5 Mar 17

World Book Day 2017 with Wally and Wanda.

This Term's Topics

  • In the garden
  • Zoo and you
  • Maths
    This term we are going to be covering various aspects of mathematics in a fun way. This will be coupled with counting, recognising and knowing the value of coins and notes, fractions, comparing, describing and solving practical problems. Using mathematical language : equal to, more than, less than, most and least, and many other aspects of place value, addition and subtraction. Our lessons in numeracy are always interactive using many different and varied resources to engage each and every child.
    Donít forget to have fun with Maths. Any board game that they play will teach them counting on skills as well as sharing, friendship and turn taking. What a good way to learn with the family. Numbers are everywhere so try to get your child to recognise them and get them to count on and back from random numbers.

    This year we will be focusing on the Power of reading. The books in the Power of reading have been chosen because they are powerful, well written books that will engage children. They will stir ideas and feelings which will then inspire writing, speaking and listening.
    The texts we will be using in our Literacy work will link very closely with our topic.

    Just a few minutes reading with your child each day makes a huge difference. Please ensure your child has their reading book in school every day

    Please ensure that your child has their p.e. kit in school at all times.

    Class 5 Home Learning

    Spellings & Homework

    Spellings will be given out this term for the children to learn.

    To support work in school the children can choose one activity to do every fortnight from their homework grid, so three activities need to be completed each half term. A copy of the homework grid has been uploaded on to this website page. Homework can now also be emailed to

    Children will also need to practise their common exception words which have been put into the front of homework books. If you have any problems do not hesitate to ask for help.

    Class 5 Downloads

    Year 1 Homework grid Summer

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