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Class 11 News
Mrs Neil 10 Oct 18

Last week, Year 4 did a great job of making Apple Crumble. Thank you to the child who brought in the delicious apples for us.

Mrs Banks 13 Jul 18

Thank you to everyone who came to see Year 4 perform on Wednesday. We are so proud of the children, they were fantastic!

Mrs Banks 25 Jun 18

Year 4 enjoying building dens

Mrs Banks 11 May 18

On Tuesday, Year 4 visited Tullie House to learn about Judaism.

Mrs Banks 11 May 18

Year 4 have had a fun filled day at the pencil museum.

Mrs Banks 10 May 18

Year 4 have been having fun with co-ordinates.

Mrs Banks 25 Apr 18

Year 4 have enjoyed their first lesson composing a new song with Mr Frost.

Mrs Banks 28 Mar 18

This week, Year 4 have learned about Electricity. The children really enjoyed building their own circuits.

Mrs Banks 27 Feb 18

Today Class 11 had a visit from Lesley. She told us how to look after our teeth.

Mrs Banks 2 Feb 18

We've had some wonderful homework completed by children in Year 4. Well done!

This Term's Topics

  • Vikings
  • States of Matter

  • Welcome to Year 4.

    This term we will be studying the Vikings. We will begin the topic by discussing what we already know about the Vikings and what we would like to find out. Through independent research, the children will have an opportunity to explore: the reasons why Vikings raided, invaded and settled in Britain.

    Our Science Topic this half term is States of Matter. The children will use practical resources to develop their knowledge and understanding of: solids, liquids and gases, that materials change state when they are heated and cooled, and the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.

    Class 11 Home Learning

    This year we will continue to use our homework grids. Homework has been split into two sections. The first section offers a wide range of activities for your child to choose from. The second section contains activities to be completed each week (reading, spelling, number facts).

    Please see the grid below for more

    If you would like any further information or support with homework, please speak to your class teacher.

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