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Class 11 News
Mrs Banks 27 Jun 19

We've seen some fantastic peer assessment in Year 4 this week.

Mrs Banks 27 Jun 19

We've seen some fantastic peer assessment in Year 4 this week.

Mrs Banks 17 May 19

Such enthusiasm from our Year 4 Chatterbooks this week. These two girls recommended books to each other and have done a book swap.

Mrs Wallace 17 May 19

More delicious homework from Year 4. Greek hummus with fresh pitta bread for dipping.

Mrs Banks 14 May 19

Year 4 enjoyed their first sewing club meeting yesterday.

Mrs Banks 13 May 19

Year 4 have produced some delicious homework as part of our Ancient Greece topic. Thank you for your support with this.

Mrs Banks 15 Apr 19

Four of our Year 4s took part in an Able Writers Day with author Colin R Parsons.

Mrs Banks 15 Mar 19

Year 4 had a wonderful time at the Pencil Museum. The work the children produced there is fantastic and looks great in our classrooms.

Mrs Banks 15 Feb 19

In Class 10, we have some children who have completed their Times Table Passports. Well done!

Mrs Banks 13 Feb 19

Thank you to our wonderful visitors who came to talk to Year 4 today.

This Term's Topics

  • India
  • Science: Animals including humans
  • Science:Electricity
  • Spring Term
    This term our topic is India. Through a variety of sources we will research and explore the geography, customs and culture of India. The areas that we will study include: Climate, Rivers, Mountains, Human and Physical features in major Indian cities, India's culture and its influence on other countries and compare India with the United Kingdom. The children will be encouraged to follow their own line of enquiry and present their findings in a format of their choice. For example: Power Point, poster, fact file, model or a board game.

    Our Science Topics this term are 'Animals, including Humans' and 'Electricity'. I have added links onto our Class page that include a ranges of activities and clips to support these topics.

    This term in Maths we will be focusing on formal calculation methods for multiplication and Division, Graphs and Fractions.

    Class 11 Home Learning

    A weekly home learning grid is available at the bottom of this page. Each week, there will also be a video to support your home learning; explaining the tasks for that particular week.

    You have been provided with a selection of CGP books to support your learning in Maths and English.

    It is important to keep reading and practise the skills you already have. There are so many different things to read and all reading counts. Try to make sure that you are reading every day. Don't forget to look up any unfamiliar words in a dictionary or ask an adult to explain the meaning.

    Spelling and Times Tables
    Please try to log on to Doodle (Maths, Times Tables, English and Spelling) for at least 30 minutes each day.

    Times Table Rock Stars is also a good website to help you improve your recall of times tables. Look out for battles with other classes and year groups.

    We would love to see any work you have done at home! You can send it to our Year 4 email address:

    If you need any further information, resources or support with home learning please send a message and we will do our best to help you.

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