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KS2 Test Data

Find data based on KS2 test results on the government school performance data website:

School Performance Data Website

Statutory Assessment

It is our firm conviction that our teaching approaches will ultimately equip well-rounded learners with the ability and motivation to demonstrate good learning, whether through self-assessment, teacher assessment or statutory tests.

Our approach to statutory testing includes teaching children about the tests during the spring term and in the lead up to the tests. This preparation, which takes place during lessons, includes familiarising them with the format of questions, completeness of answers and exam techniques - all valuable life-skills. Our approach does not include hot-housing, excessive test practice at the expense of quality teaching, narrowing of the curriculum or causing pupils to have an inflated sense of the tests' importance.

We do not spend Year 6 as a year-long rehearsal for the tests. We do not issue excessive quantities of practice test papers. We do not offer SATs revision sessions during holidays or out of school hours, nor do we expect pupils to use their holidays to swot.

We do make sure that learning in Year 6 is rich, deep and highly motivational, as in all school years.

Pupils' well-being is at the heart of everything we do, which includes providing opportunities to achieve academic excellence.