Miss Barrett 18 Jan 19

The children in class 13 have done some exceptional embroidery this week. They would have made brilliant textile workers in the Victorian era! We can't wait to see their finished bookmarks.

Mrs Cannon 15 Jan 19

Class 12 have been developing their sewing skills this week. They have made bookmarks using different types of stitches and are looking forward to designing and making a cushion.

Mrs Cannon 11 Jan 19

Class 12 used their engineering and teamwork skills to build bridges out of paper. Good STEM work everyone!

Mrs Cannon 18 Dec 18

Year 5 have been writing adverts to persuade people to buy brussel sprouts. Here they are tasting some!

Mrs Fell 18 Dec 18

Happy Christmas from Class 8 and Mr Pearson

Miss Barrett 6 Dec 18

Year 5 were very proud to see their illustrations of 'The Adventurous Salmon' (a rhyming book telling the story of the salmon's unusual life cycle) published by Eden Rivers Trust. What amazing artists!

Mrs OFarrell 6 Dec 18

Year 5 had a first glimpse of 'The Adventurous Salmon', a book written by Eden River Trust and illustrated by the children! They were so excited to spot their own artwork and ideas in the book. Well done Year 5, our budding illustrators!

Mrs OFarrell 6 Dec 18

Class 11 sitting in the special seats reserved for Canons!

Mrs OFarrell 6 Dec 18

Class 11 had a wonderful visit to Carlisle Cathedral last week. Canon Michael told us all about the history of the Cathedral (ask us why it is called a Cathedral!). We all thought the inside of the building was beautiful.

Miss Henry 3 Dec 18

Year 2 have enjoyed a visit from the fire service today. They have learnt about fire safety.